A-C-T: 3 Steps to Get Moving Now

Late Summer isn’t usually the time we revisit life goals, build a healthy habit or work toward a new vocation.  But why not? Tomorrow is a new day ripe with opportunity. The chance for a fresh start. Progress on a new habit or venture. Realizing a dream. Just think what you could accomplish before theContinue reading “A-C-T: 3 Steps to Get Moving Now”

How Reflecting Leads to Growth

Just like my car needs periodic inspections and my body needs annual exams, I notice my life works better when I give it routine “check-ins.” Check-ins, or times of reflection, help me honestly assess where I am and where I need to be, showing me areas that need my attention and God’s intervention. Reflecting allowsContinue reading “How Reflecting Leads to Growth”

What it Means to Grow

As I kid I thought I’d stop growing once I turned 18, when I reached my full height and when my shoe size stopped changing. The further I get from that milestone birthday, however, the more I understand how important it is to keep growing—growing not in physical stature but in fully becoming who IContinue reading “What it Means to Grow”