About Me

Hello, friend.

I’ve been right where you are…

I felt burned-out in my job and had no vision for what was next. I wasn’t growing as a person or a professional. I wanted to find my calling and live with power and purpose, but on my own I was stuck. Lost. That is, until a coach helped me envision new possibilities for my life and make them reality.

Now my purpose is to inspire and empower women like you, unleashing them to be and do all they can—to contribute their utmost. Why? Because the world desperately needs what we have to offer! I’m equipped with corporate and ministry leadership experience, a Master’s in Transformational Leadership and certification as a transformational coach from We Train Coaches.

On a personal note, I’m Minnesota born & raised, married to my high school sweetheart for 33 years and a “boymom” to three amazing young men.  We’ve lived around the world and across the country. Recently, we moved to New York’s lovely Finger Lakes.

You’re meant to grow, sister. You’re meant to flourish.

Are you ready to get started?

“Coaching with Melissa was truly transformational! She guided me to identify areas of potential growth and helped me to discover steps to reach those goals. Melissa’s in-depth approach is immersed with practical counsel and loving care. I’m so grateful for Melissa and the difference that her coaching made in my life!”

– Mary from Crystal Lake, IL
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