How Reflecting Leads to Growth

Just like my car needs periodic inspections and my body needs annual exams, I notice my life works better when I give it routine “check-ins.”

Check-ins, or times of reflection, help me honestly assess where I am and where I need to be, showing me areas that need my attention and God’s intervention. Reflecting allows me to take thoughtful, meaningful action. 

The result? My life holds more joy and creates more impact! 

I invite you, friend, to find time & space for self-reflection. Take a walk on a quiet path or beside a lovely lake. Sit in a favorite spot. Use these questions as a guide. Reflect. Maybe even journal your thoughts. And live with more joy and purpose. 


🌿 Am I living in a way that’s leading me & those around me to flourish?

🌿 How is my soul?

🌿 How can my life better express what I truly care about?

🌿 What about myself am I proud of? What am I not proud of?

🌿 What areas am I growing in? What areas need my attention to grow?

🌿 Where is my character lacking? 

🌿 How is my connection to God right now? How can I move closer to him?

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