A-C-T: 3 Steps to Get Moving Now

Late Summer isn’t usually the time we revisit life goals, build a healthy habit or work toward a new vocation.  But why not? Tomorrow is a new day ripe with opportunity. The chance for a fresh start. Progress on a new habit or venture. Realizing a dream. Just think what you could accomplish before theContinue reading “A-C-T: 3 Steps to Get Moving Now”

How Reflecting Leads to Growth

Just like my car needs periodic inspections and my body needs annual exams, I notice my life works better when I give it routine “check-ins.” Check-ins, or times of reflection, help me honestly assess where I am and where I need to be, showing me areas that need my attention and God’s intervention. Reflecting allowsContinue reading “How Reflecting Leads to Growth”

What it Means to Grow

As I kid I thought I’d stop growing once I turned 18, when I reached my full height and when my shoe size stopped changing. The further I get from that milestone birthday, however, the more I understand how important it is to keep growing—growing not in physical stature but in fully becoming who IContinue reading “What it Means to Grow”

Why I Love-Hate Facebook

To me the saddest, most troubling facet of Covid-19 and our current racial unrest has been how we’re showing up as Christians on social media and Facebook, in particular. A tsunami of negativity, disunity, blame and distrust has swept over us—and that’s why I HATE IT. Yet Facebook can be a great place to findContinue reading “Why I Love-Hate Facebook”

Six Mindsets That Keep You Stuck

Why is it so difficult to make healthy changes and grow personally in our vocations, our health, our relationships, etc? We easily get stuck in a range of mindsets that undermine our growth and hinder the impact we make. Here are six common traps. Which ones keep you from moving forward?  1. DISTRACTIONOur lives areContinue reading “Six Mindsets That Keep You Stuck”